Technical Editing

Technical Translation

When in need of technical documentation, Editech Documentation Inc. team ensures that you get your money's worth.

Our team of expert consultants develop a documentation plan that establishes a list of deliverables, schedule for available resources, review cycles and a documentation structure on each deliverable.

We also offer customized training on technical writing for your staff. This training consists of a two-day workshop.

In order to produce quality documentation, our writers have been especially trained to review each deliverable while applying proper language use rules before its release.

We copy edit business, legal, technical and scientific texts. We also do comparative editing from English-to-French and vice versa.

Do you need your technical documents translated? Our technical translators are certified translators from the Canadian Translators,

Terminologists and Interpreters Council

(CTTIC). They deliver impeccable technical translations in English or in French.

Promotional and Technical Writing

Our Technical Writers have many years of experience in promotional (marketing communications) and technical writing. When they author documentation, they follow industry-wide recognized writing conventions and standards.

They attend all team meetings to clearly understand the project scope, perform in-depth research and develop a documentation layout in a corporate template to get consensus with the Client before they start writing. With our team, the Client will get a clear picture of what will be delivered.

Technical Documentation Management and Training

Our team can help you determine what documentation deliverable output would be most effective for your target audience. Let us solve this puzzle for you.

What deliverable to choose?

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